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Proud to announce our second hosted trip is in the books

Good Morning AWOL family!

We are excited and proud to tell you all that thanks to the love and support POURING in from our community, we were able to host our second trip of 2019 this past July at Trout Stalker Ranch.

In mid July, we hosted US Army Veteran (RET) Mike Anderson, and his wife Hope, of San Antonio, Texas to our beautiful home state of New Mexico. Mike, a 25 year Veteran of both the Gulf War, and OIF joined us for a three day adventure on Trout Stalker Ranch in Chama, New Mexico.

It has been important to our mission here at AWOL since the beginning, to serve not only the Veteran, but their spouses and/or family who may benefit from being together during their experience with us should they choose. We believe that spouses of our Combat Veterans are to be recognized, and honored for the love and support they provide so many of us during and after deployments to combat zones. We also believe that fly fishing brings us closer together…and so, we were thankful to be able to provide for the first time here at AWOL, our services to this wonderful couple.

We are eternally grateful for your service, Mike and Hope!

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