"Emerger"-The Video that Started it all

Hello again AWOL Family, Welcome Back

It was Providence, plain and simple. When I reached out to Gregg Flores of Where the River Runs asking about his awesome fly fishing videos a couple of years ago, fate would have us take things much further. I was at a time in my life that I knew was special, that an event had happened within me...I knew that I had found something important.

Fly fishing had become a catalyst within my life. Yes, fishing is awesome, I think we can all agree on that, and I think we all see the intrinsic peace that comes with an afternoon on a river or lake somewhere. This was much, much more for me however. I was connecting to something here, and connecting on a phenomenally deep level. What I had found was something great, and terribly difficult to be good at...something that demanded thousands of hours and years of practice to be decently good with. I had found an absolutely all-encompassing mission that I could throw my life behind and feel that I was part of something again. I had direction.

Fly fishing had become the affinity of my life. I loved it. I loved the travel, the excitement of planning a trip to some far off river, the things that go into the preparation of executing those fishing trips. I had drive and direction in my life with something that was healthy, provided endless possibilities for adventure, and connected me to the most peaceful, contented settings I could have possibly asked for in the world-lost somewhere in some National Forest or another. I was...happy with the adventure I was on. I had no idea how far it would take me in life.

I called out to an unsuspecting Gregg, and asked him about an Idea I wanted to put together. I wanted to share my story of combat, to fly fishing, and how that connection had fostered such a vast improvement within my life. I wanted to put something out there for other Veterans like me, who may have been looking for that spark in life-that thing that is bigger than you that you can feel a part of. I wanted to share with my Veteran kind, in case it could help them in their journey in some way. "Emerger" was the culmination of that dream.