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Greetings from the Corona Cave : )

Hello AWOL Family,

We hope you are healthy and happy out there. What a crazy time we are living through indeed. We wanted to take a moment to reach out to all of you with a bit of an update on our progress here at AWOL.

We, as other small business are currently shut down due to the COVID-19 Outbreak in our world. We have had to halt all current operations with Veteran Fishing trips, as well as community fundraisers...for the time being! However, we will be coming back stronger than ever. We are all going to get through this together, and we are excited to continue our progress as the year before us unfolds!!

We have some really exciting things coming together for our program. Before this pandemic, we were fortunate and thankful to have two spring fishing events in line for our Veterans. Our great friends at Taos Fly Shop teamed up with us to provide 6 Veterans with admission to their "Instinctive Fly Fishing" class-taught by local fishing legends Nick and Taylor Streit. We are excited to continue working with them on scheduling a possible fly fishing class for later in the year and look forward to building on offering classes to our Veteran participants.

Second, our crown jewel-Trout Stalker Ranch-was kind enough again this year to provide us a location to host our major spring Veteran fishing event. We are excitedly continuing to work with these wonderful partners on scheduling another event for later in the year when all this subsides.

We here at AWOL know as well as anyone how READY we all are to get back in the action, back into our normal lives, and back into pursuing our dreams in this life. Coming out of this, we realize that it will be as important as ever to provide our Nation's hero's with a much needed extraction into peaceful, wild, waters. We are working diligently to uphold our programs and opportunities to foster positive change for our Veteran community. Please follow along, we will be posting more BLOGs and VLOGs with information on our program, upcoming events, and as always, some motivating and inspirational stuff too so we can all keep that mental fortitude strong.

Semper Fidelis Family, Stay Strong!

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