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We have been featured in the Santa Fe New Mexican newspaper!

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

Good morning AWOL family! We are so thankful and excited to announce that we have been featured in yesterday’s The Santa Fe New Mexican newspaper!! We want to send out huge thanks to Thomas Hill and Matt Dashied for the incredible work they did to spread the message of AWOL’s mission. We were joined by the SFNM crew on our last Veteran hosted trip to Trout Stalker Ranch in mid July.

We here at AWOL believe that this mission can work for those Veterans out there still searching for a deep connection to a healthy activity. We believe this can save lives.

As always folks, you have our eternal thanks for your support of our organization and Veteran community. Give this article a quick read, share with your friends and family what you’re seeing here.

We are setting the fires that light the way. Follow along family.


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