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Our First Trip is in the History Books....Thanks to all of YOU

Good Morning AWOL Family.

Thank you all for following along the past few days as we executed our mission for peace and change within our veterans. Due to the outstanding support we have received from folks in our community as well as local business, we have just completed our first veteran fly fishing experience on the AMAZING Trout Stalker Ranch in Chama, New Mexico.

When I call this an ‘experience’ for the veteran participant, that is exactly what I mean to say. Thanks to the wonderful support of our partners, we were able to pull out all the stops on this event, from epic brown and rainbow trout on the fly, to the fresh, organic locally sourced Bison steak and vegetables we enjoyed the second night.

I would like to take some time to share with all of you the wonderful experiences we shared with our host location, Trout Stalker Ranch. As some of you may know, I come from roots of guiding lodges in big water Montana, with everything being to the 9’s for guests. Please believe me when I tell you that the Trout Stalker experience was absolutely second to none. Upon arrival at TS Ranch earlier this week, we were warmly greeted by the ENTIRE lodge crew lakeside our first morning. We shared our purpose, and mission with these folks, shook hands with the people who had worked so hard to have us there who were genuinely excited and thankful to have us. This place felt like…family….like we were surrounded by people we knew our whole lives. The crew at TS went far out of their way to make us feel as such, too. From the unbelievable accommodations and food, such as the wild morrill mushrooms we harvested with our first nights dinner, to the peaceful mountain views an adrenaline pumping piscivorous trout, simply put this trip was ten times what I ever could’ve hoped to provide one of our veteran clients.

Thank you all for your continued love and support of our mission here at AWOL, great things are going to happen. Please keep a close eye on our news feed, I will be writing up a detailed account of our Inaugural trip in the next few days.

-Semper Fidelis,


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