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Our Future Horizons-Coming together after COVID

Good Morning AWOL Family!

As always, we hope that you are happy and healthy through this trying time in our world. We as the rest of the country are anxiously watching and waiting to see what will come next from the officials as to when our lives will return to some sort of normalcy. We also have a deep and personal idea of how important it is going to be to have organizations and events such as ours online and operational in the near future to serve our Veteran population following this shut in time. If you're anything like're ready to get outside and on some sort of adventure trail leading to some remote mountain wilderness.

We here at AWOL are continuously working on the back end to ensure we have fishing events lined up and ready for the late summer/fall. There are several factors we are going to have to overcome to make these happen anywhere in the near future. One of the things we are known for, is the ability to transport our Veteran clientele, free of charge, to our fishing event location from anywhere in the country, should we have a Veteran in need of our services who is outside the state of New Mexico. This usually involves getting the Veteran flights. We have been watching scrupulously as to how the airlines are responding to this crisis, and are pleased for the most part on their contingencies in place for cleaning standards. However, we are going to have to keep watching to see what comes next, and when it will be safe to transport our out of state clientele.

We are thankful and excited to report that our two major host locations-Trout Stalker Ranch and Stone Meadow Ranch are on board for hosting events later in the year. These will be our two big Veteran fishing events of 2020 (tentative dates to come). We are also still in talks with our partners The Reel Life of Santa Fe and Taos Fly Shop as to putting on some all-Veteran fly fishing schools this year as well. We will also most likely be working with local sources such as Sandia Lakes, and our wonderful partners at Global Opportunities Unlimited in an effort to organize some day fishing events as well. The big idea here folks...we are constantly working hard these days to come up with ideas and options to continually serve our Veteran community coming out of this time of COVID, and our goal is to have multiple options lined up to provide some much needed relief and adventure as soon as it is safe and feasible to do so.

We will also be excitedly returning to our fundraising operations in the near future, with hopes of hosting and organizing several events with local business this fall, including Marble Brewing in Albuquerque-we had planned to host a fundraiser here over Memorial Day weekend. We as so many small businesses in America have experienced a slow down in operational revenue, and are excited to engage once again with our community and community business'. Our communities of supporters are the life blood of our mission. Tell your friends and family about our program, spread the word on our organization far and wide. Our mission in fundraising is to acquire the funds needed to provide life changing, top tier experiences for our Nation's finest warriors.

We are getting closer AWOL family to regaining our lives and activities. We understand how difficult this has been on the world as a whole, and especially on our Veteran population. We are here to provide the best for our Veteran community and will continue to do so. Now...this is about endurance. This is about staying the course long enough to return stronger and healthier than ever before. We cannot become upset about the things that we cannot change...but we can change our perceptions and how we choose to react to those events (easier said than done, I understand). All the same...we here at AWOL will be here when the time is right to step in and make some positive change. Stay with us family...the future is brighter than any of us can imagine.

Semper Fidelis,


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