Past Horizons-A look back at Mike and Hope Anderson's trip to Trout Stalker Ranch

We have so much to celebrate and be thankful for even in the midst of everything going on in our world today. When we think back on where we were last year, for many of us, it is an experience that feels a bit different than it ever has before. COVID-19 has changed our world. But just as it is important to keep things on our horizon to look forward it is also important that we look back on past experiences to draw strength and fortitude for the future.

We recently had an anniversary for a trip that took place in mid July 2019 on Trout Stalker Ranch. We were humbled and thankful to host Mike and Hope Anderson of Texas on a two day fishing retreat. Mike-an Army Veteran of over 20 years and a Veteran of Iraq, came out with his wife Hope to experience the northern New Mexico summer fishing with us.

I first met Mike and Hope on a trip I was guiding in 2017 for our partners at The Reel Life Fly Shop in Santa Fe, NM. We became friends quickly throughout the day as we fished the pristine and clear waters of the Brazos River in northern New Mexico. Mike had been in the Army for over 20 years, served his country in Iraq, and Hope I soon learned, was the cornerstone of his life.