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Welcoming The Newest Addition to our Family-Stone Meadow Ranch

Good afternoon AWOL Family!

Today we bring you good news from the AWOL front. Amid the current COVID crisis, there are so many things, and so many people for all of us to be thankful for.

We here at AWOL have been hard at work behind the scenes-preparing for and planning upcoming trips, and finding and fostering new relationships for AWOL hosted Veteran fishing events. Last week we were thankful to get in contact with the amazing folks at Stone Meadow Ranch on the Conejos River in southern Colorado.

Stone Meadow Ranch (SMR) is now officially our second Premier Host destination for our fishing events. A couple of weeks ago, we were fortunate to be invited up to the ranch by owner Jason Tolliver, who along with the other three owners of the ranch, emphatically elected to become part of our mission to benefit Veteran livelihood-opening up the doors to this AMAZING place for our future fishing events. Enough cannot be said to the character and good will of these awesome people. We had a chance to speak with Jason in depth and detail as to the purpose and mission we carry here at AWOL, and our message could not have been received better. That same afternoon...we had struck up a deal and secured AWOL's second premier fishing host location.

SMR is a breathtakingly beautiful location nestled in the high country of southern Colorado on the Conejos River, with tons of private river access, beautiful cabins, a massive main lodge with game room loft, and quiet, beautiful tree filled landscapes to end the ages. In total we will be able to host up to 8 Veterans on these trips-planning for multiple day events.

It is the love and support from our communities that make our mission work. We here at AWOL strive to provide the absolute top tier Lodging and Fishing for our Veteran events, and without people like this at Stone Meadow Ranch and Trout Stalker, none of it would be possible.

Folks, we are going to be putting up a lot more information on these great people at SMR over the next days and weeks and encourage you to take a look as well!! Click the link below for the first video in the series.

THANK YOU SMR-we are eternally grateful

for your support to our mission!!!!

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Am I dreaming? Lol. What a beautiful place!

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